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Separation and Recovery of Lithium from Geothermal Water by Sequential Adsorption Process with l-MnO2 and TiO2


Authors: Jeongeon Park, Hideki Sato, Syouhei Nishihama and Kazuharu Yoshizuka


Affiliation: Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu, Hibikino 1-1, Kitakyushu 808-0135, Japan

Published in:
Ion Exch. Lett. 2012, 5(1-3), 1


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DOI: 10.3260/iel.2012.08.001


License:  Creative Commons License


Keywords: Lithium; Arsenic; Geothermal water; Adsorption

Abstract: Separation and recovery of lithium from geothermal water have been investigated by adsorption using both l-MnO2 and TiO2 as adsorbents for lithium and arsenic, respectively. The adsorption of lithium in the geothermal water with l-MnO2 is suppressed by the coexisting arsenic, and manganese is dissolved during elution of lithium from the loaded l-MnO2 in the column, due to the possible redox reaction of manganese by the arsenic adsorbed. TiO2 adsorbent is therefore applied for the arsenic adsorbent prior to the lithium recovery; that is the TiO2 and l-MnO2 are sequentially applied to the geothermal water. The arsenic in the geothermal water can be effectively removed by the TiO2 adsorbent, and successive recovery of the lithium with l-MnO2 can be achieved.