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Preconcentration and Removal of Cu(II) Ions using Diisocyanate Derivatized Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer Ion Exchange Resin


Authors: Pelin Demirçivia, Hüseyin Esenb, Hüseyin Yıldırımb, Rafet Bozdoğana and Jülide Hızala


Affiliation: a Yalova University, Engineering Faculty, Chemical and Process Engineering Dept., 77100, Yalova, Turkey
  b Yalova University, Engineering Faculty, Polymer Engineering Dept., 77100, Yalova, Turkey

Published in:
Ion Exch. Lett. 2013, 6(4), 12-15


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DOI: 10.3260/iel.2013.12.004


License:  Creative Commons License


Keywords: preconcentration; copper(II); EVOH; chelating resin

Abstract: In this study, diisocyanate derivatized ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, having polymeric chain instead of network structure, was synthesized by the reaction of isophorondiisocyanate with a product gained as a result of the reaction between EVOH and maleic anhydride at 70 °C. Isocyanate groups of last product were converted to –NH2 groups by hydrolysis and FTIR spectrum was proved this group with the peak at 3318 cm-1. Synthesis of this resin is easier than polystyren-divinyl benzene based resin. Analytical study of this resin as an ion exchanger showed that maximum Cu(II) uptake capacity of resin is 0.15 mmol Cu(II) ion/g sorbent, and maximum 93.8% of retained Cu(II) ions can be recovered with 1 M HCl solutions